Product Name :

Nod Mount#4

Product Description

Totally 4 transfer types!!

The vision angle could be adjusted to make personal perfect experience.

For loading cycle computer, sports camera, head light(Luffy light), and smart phone.

Fixed on STEM, and just by ONE SCREW.

#1 NOD-C      loading cycling computer

#2 NOD-CG   loading cycling computer & head light

#3 NOD-CL    NOD-CG + Luffy light

#4 NOD-CP    NOD-C + smart phone holder     for loading smart phone

This page is #4 NOD-CP

Material Aluminum set & LED light Aluminum Alloy
Loading funtion loading Computer & Sports Cam or head light loading Computer or Smart Phone
Structure NOD-CG + Luffy head light NOD-C + Smart Phone Set
Light information 180 Lumen; Osram LED. x
power resource  18650 or 18350  x
Weight 93g (w/o battery) 67g
Color options Black. Red. Rose Gold. Blue. Customized.
2018 All New Vision~~