Product Name :

Sealed (Full) Ceramic Pully

Product Description
For Shimano, Sram, or Campagnolo all series~~
Teeth number could be changed.
Full Ceramic could be switched.
Video of Pulley:

G name CCC-T10. CCC-T11.
CCC-T12. CCC-T13.
CCC-T14. CCC-T16
CCE-T10. CCE-T11.
CCE-T12. CCE-T13.
CCE-T14. CCE-T16
Teeth 10t. 11t. 12t. 13t. 14t. 16t
Weight g
material Al 6061
Bearing material Ceramic Full Ceramic

For Shimano or Sram & for Campagnolo are different

Product Introduction