Product Name :

Titanium Lever QR Skewer with lights

Product Description

5mm diameter Titanium Axle to guard your safety!!!

The best equipment, just for the security!!

Gorgeous Titanium Lever

Plus 2 Tail light devices on two sides.

QR function device, make battery change(charger) easily.

Weight 70g 73g
Material Titanium Levers

Titanium Axle

2 QR function LED lights
Power Resource CR1632 CR2
Lights output 2400mcd * 2 lights
Function Steady-> Flash-> Off
Runtime (Steady/flash) 20hrs/60hrs 50hrs/200hrs
Color options Black. Red. Customized 
LED color options White, Red
 Fitting Front hub length 100mm 

Rear hub length 130mm or 135mm
Note Single side light is available as well.