Product Name :

Handlebar End Luffy front light

Product Description

The connection of CPG-009 or CRU-ARC and Luffy light.

Could be your second front light, just in case the main light’s power is gone. 

(I know it happens.)

18650(8hrs) or 18350(3hrs) battery are both available.

Rear light + front light = Double Safety.

p.s Luffy light is water resistance, but do not switch on/off in the rain.

Weight per set
(w/o battery)
outer diameter 25mm 28mm
inner diameter’s fitting size 16 - 22 mm
Safety light output 2600 mcd 2600 mcd
Function Steady-> Flash-> off
(depends on battery)
18 hrs/steady;
56 hrs/flash.
60 hrs/steady;
150 hrs/flash.
Power Resource CR1632 Lithium battery CR2 Lithium battery (15270)
Luffy front light output 200 lm(high mode) / 130 lm(regular mode)
Function high mode -> regular mode -> off
(depends on battery)
18650 battery:
7hrs(high) / 11hrs(regular)
18350 battery:
2hrs(high) / 3hrs(regular)
Power Resource 18650 or 18350 battery
Color options black. red. blue. green. customized.
water resistance